Specialist in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Lymphoedema & Lipedema Management, Oncology Massage

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Anna Barton

Registered RMT


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  • Dip. Health Sciences (Therapeutic Massage) NZCM
  • Cert Sports, Relaxation, Pregnancy, hot stone massage, NZCM
  • Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy Level 1&2 Casley Smith Method, Australia.
  • Scar Release Therapy, S.T.R.A.I.T Method, Foundations
  • Dr Vodder combined decongestive therapy and MLD II & III, Australia
  • Oncology Massage Training 1&2, Australia
  • Massage NZ registered RMT

Body Matters is a Massage New Zealand registered clinic in Grey Lynn, convenient to Auckland’s CBD.

Having lived a full and well-travelled life, and struggled with back and neck pain for many years, Anna has learned the importance of well-being and living a stress-free life in order to live longer, fuller and freer.

With a background of 11 years working as a Remedial Massage Therapist, Anna now specialises in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), with extensive gold standard training in NZ and Australia. Anna enjoys helping people manage their symptoms of fluid retention from conditions such as Lymphoedema, Lipedema, as well as many other health conditions and symptoms that can benefit from MLD. Also fully trained in Oncology Massage, she has the knowledge, as well as a personal understanding, of the journey one goes through with cancer.

She loves to make a difference with gentle touch therapy for those who are at any stage of their cancer or treatment. She continually keeps up to date with upskill training to learn more about the amazing machine our bodies are and how bodywork can help them function and feel better.


Menu of Services

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a treatment based massage that covers a range of techniques that manipulate soft tissue and connective tissues of the body, addressing specific muscles or muscle groups associated with dysfunction, imbalance, injury, or disease. With knowledge of how the body works and moves, a remedial massage treatment can assist in addressing the cause of the pain or tension, not just temporarily relieve it. Specific techniques used, such as trigger point therapy, myo-fascial release i.e. skin rolling and stretching, ischemic compression and various assisted stretches, that are learned skills and normally of a deeper pressure are applied in a specific way to make change, promote healing and muscle relaxation, reduce pain and promote freedom of movement. If you have a specific issue and are needing a thorough treatment and longer lasting results, it is recommended to book your initial appointment for at least 60 minutes.
30 minutes Therapeutic massage$68
45 minutes Therapeutic massage$85
60 minutes Therapeutic massage$105
90 minutes Therapeutic massage$140


Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a gentle, non-invasive manual technique that has a powerful effect on the body. It utilises techniques that are soft, gentle and pain-free, that work directly with your lymphatic system, that is your immune system. This system is responsible for cleansing our tissues and maintaining a balance of fluids within the body with a network of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes that transport and filters waste matter and harmful cells. Here at Body Matters, we are trained under Schools of Dr Vodder and Casley Smith, internationally recognised, gold standard training based on scientific, physiological principles that have proven to encourage lymph flow.

MLD can help assist with general well being and immunity. Below are some examples of what MLD can help with:
• Chronic sinusitis and migraine
• Pain, non- infected inflammation, oedema and swelling post-surgery, e.g. post cosmetic and plastic surgery incl. tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, face lift etc.
• People recuperating from a chronic illness. Our clients report the treatment to be very relaxing and soothing.
• People recovering from cold and flu. However, it is not beneficial during acute stages of illness (i.e. fever) as it can worsen the condition/symptoms.
• Clearer looking skin and improved skin tone during detox or weight loss programs.
• Reduced appearance of bruising
Initial Consult (includes consult & treatment)
Initial Consult (includes consult & treatment)
Follow up session 45 minutes$85
Follow up session 60 minutes$105
Follow up session 90 minutes$140


Lymphoedema is swelling caused by build up of lymph fluid in the body’s tissues. There are 2 types of Lymphoedema - Primary Lymphoedema, which is a congenital disorder of the lymphatic system that can appear later in life, or Secondary Lymphoedema, which is swelling as a result of trauma to the lymphatic system or nodes, most commonly caused by cancer treatment involving excision or irradiation of the lymph nodes.
Lymphoedema causes swelling in the limbs and may involve the trunk or head as well. Other than swelling, lymphoedema can lead to discomfort, loss of movement and tissue changes. These can all impact the patient’s quality of life.

Here at Body Matters, we are trained under Schools of Dr Vodder and Casley Smith, internationally recognised, gold standard training, based on scientific, physiological principles that have proven to encourage lymph flow. With Manual lymphatic drainage applied in a very skilled way using clinical reasoning and mapping of the body lymphatic system, we can reduce swelling by moving fluid from the swollen area into a place where the lymphatic system is working normally. MLD is also beneficial for other forms of oedema such as phlebolymphedema, venous insufficiency and lipedema.

We can discuss options if Decongestive therapy is required to reduce the size of your swelling. And we can offer advice on compression garments and home care to manage your symptoms, significantly improving the quality of your life.

You can email us or speak to your GP if you think you might have lymphoedema.
Initial Consult (includes consult & treatment)
Follow up session 30 minutes$68
Follow up session 45 minutes$85
Follow up session 60 minutes$105
Follow up session 90 minutes$140

If your preferred time is not available please contact Anna and I will endeavour to make it happen.

What our clients have to say...


Anna Barton is an intuitive Therapist who knows exactly how to apply the correct treatment for every session I ‘ve experienced. I would highly recommend Anna to everyone and as a Massage Therapist myself, her techniques, are of the highest standards possible and her professional ethics unquestionable.


Shayne-Louise Johns

I’ve been going to Body Matters for about for a fews year now, as I have a number of issues – mainly a tight lower back and the usual tense shoulders and neck which result from working at a computer five days a week. Catherine who I see now is a great massage therapist, as each session we catch up on any pains/issues I’ve had between sessions, what the causes may be, ways to possibly eliminate them, and then decide the areas to focus on during that session. Catherine is easy-going, has great expertise and knowledge, and I feel very comfortable around her.


Ruth Appleyard

I had stopped walking for exercise about 5 years ago due to the pain of plantar fasciitis (weird name, painful as!) and rock hard calves.   I recently had a heart attack so exercise is a vital part of recovery.  I started walking again and the pain from my calves and plantar fasciitis was not so good, I could maybe manage 30 minutes walking before the pain set in,  then the next day the pain would be very bad. I decided to try “Myofascial Release” as I thought it would be great for my plantar fasciitis.  I booked a session with Body Matters and told my therapist all my woes. She set to work very diligently on my calves and the soles of my feet.  My calves started to improve after the first session and now after about 4 sessions they feel like new calves, soft and no pain while walking, did I mention they are soft like they were 20 years ago.  My plantar fasciitis has improved leaps and bounds, maybe a little tight for about 2 minutes in the morning, by the time I put the kettle on, gone. I can’t praise and thanks her enough, her dedication and craft getting my legs back into shape has set me up to get back into shape.

Leonard – O’Quigley

Hi. My name is Yana Papaya and I love massages. However, I am also a people person, so basically to satisfy my massage taste, you should have not only great and nice hands, professional touch, but you should be a good person too. I know it’s only my personal experience and requirements though, but I really fell in love with Anna’s personality and the way she is dealing with the client. I am happy to say that she is the one who is looking after my body and knows exactly what kind of massage fix I need to get. So I would like to address the following message to all current and future customers: please do look after your bodies and problematic zones before it’s too late. We need a constant massage therapy to keep ourselves going through stressful times. The more you do, the greater you look and the better you feel afterwards. And Anna Barton is one of the best to help you with. Besides the massage salon is fully equipped to make you feel relaxed: music, interior, candle light and great massage – all great things come at once when we are talking about Body Matters! Keep it up guys, you are awesome!!! Thanks again to beautiful Anna who is so passionate about her calling that made her so goooood at her job.

Yana Papaya

I’ve been going to Body Matters for deep tissue massage for a number of years now. As a flight attendant I find my body gets very sore and tired. The team at Body Matters are awesome and I always look forward to seeing them, they are all amazing at putting you at ease. I have massages from time to time when I’m away and most of them are too fluffy and soft and I feel like shouting “that’s the spot!” but they seem to travel set routine and never focus I what you need as an individual. That’s what I appreciate most about the team at Boy Matters, they listen to what areas are bothering me and adjusts the massage to suit. I always arrive with my shoulders and neck feeling extremely tense and very painful and I leave feeling much lighter! I recommend Body Matters to anyone looking for an excellent, effective massage with a wonderful friendly approach.

Raeleen Prentis

I have been seeing Anna now for about 5 years. I often suffer from tension headaches and Anna has helped me not only with the pain relief of remedial massage but also with a more holistic (or lifestyle) approach – offering additional tools and teaching me preventative measures so I can self-manage. Anna is super friendly, and I would certainly recommend her and any of the team at Body Matters to anyone after a great massage, or to those who take rehabilitation and relaxation seriously!

Sandra Beacham

I’ve been having regular massage with Body Matters for the last year and I would very highly recommend them. I have had regular massage over the the last few years with various massage therapists and I can honestly say Anna is one of the best massage therapists I have yet encountered. She is very skilled with her hands, and provides sensitive and highly attuned treatments responsive to my changing needs. Anna has a warm and easy going personality and I feel totally safe in her hands. Anna is naturally an incredibly caring person, and I feel very grateful for the level of care and attention shes brings to each session. She manages her business with great professionalism, and is connected to a great network of health professionals. Anna is a gem, and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting a fabulous massage experience

Andrew Jary

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